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Today is Benson's birthday

Posted by Crazy Dog Lady on

Today is Benson's birthday.  He would have been 12 years old today.  He never saw his sixth birthday with me.  I lost him to osteosarcoma cancer.  It is a loss that still hurts in my heart.

benson-riverking2005small.jpgBenson was my first newfie.  He picked us out when we visited his breeder.  We had to wait another 2 long weeks before he was old enough for us to bring home. 

I went to my very first puppy class with him.  It was so much fun that I signed us up for another class, and then another.  Before I knew it, we were competing in obedience, water work and draft work.  In spite of my inexperience, we were quite successful.  Working with this wonderful breed is still a passion of mine today because of Benson.

Benson's crate, leash, draft harness, cart and all his water training equipment is still being used by our current newfies.  His collar is tucked safely in my van and is taken out and hung on the rear view mirror at every water test and draft test that I have gone to since his passing.  It's a small way to honor him and to bring us good luck.  Who says dog people are not superstitious!

Benson taught me about drool and from there I started creating and perfecting drool bibs that would effectively keep his chest dry and fit him well.  I went through many different designs before coming up with just the right pattern that I now use for my large sized bibs.  Designs by 2Paws would not exist if it hadn't been for Benson.


Benson survived all my mistakes and still loved me unconditionally. The memories I have of this special boy bring me so much joy.  This big black dog taught me some important life lessons and brought to me some of my best friends.  Happy birthday big guy.  Mommy loves you.

Here is a video I put together to honor Benson.  I play it every year on his birthday.  It's a bit long but I think you might enjoy it.

Benson's tribute

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