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Bear In The Neighborhood

Posted by Crazy Dog Lady on

How many times have you been stopped while walking with your black newfie and was told they thought you were with a bear?  This has happened to us many times.  A car actually turned around and came back so the people could stop and see who we were walking with.

Truman is our black newfie in our family and at times he does look like a bear, especially at night in our back yard.  Not a laughing matter anymore.  Here in southwest Michgan we are starting to get bear sighting reports.  The most recent one was reported in the town next to ours.  A couple of weeks ago my friend who lives up north took a picture of a bear in her back yard.  Yikes!

I think I've come up with a solution for this problem with a neat bib design. trumaninbearbib.jpg

Now there is no way someone can mistake our Truman for a bear.  I even made the bib a bright color that hopefully will show up at night.  

I made up a few extras.  Go to my Bibs In Stock page to check them out!

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