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Lifeguard on Duty

Posted by Crazy Dog Lady on

Merriam-Webster definition of lifeguard - a usually expert swimmer employed (as at a beach or a pool) to safeguard other swimmers.

All my dogs are once in a lifetime dogs but each one touches upon the heart in a different way.  Henry was my third newfie.  He was my first landseer.  Together we accomplished all the necessary titles to earn that coveted NCA title, Versatile Newfoundland, an honorable achievement in the Newfoundland community.  


henry-lifeguard-resized.jpgSwimming has always been Henry's passion.  He is an expert swimmer and his magnificent jumps from the boat have been captured by countless cameras.  One of his pictures even graced the back cover of Newf Tide.  Henry never liked any humans in the pool, especially visiting young grandchildren and thought it was his personal mission to keep everyone safe and out of the water.  He was always on duty when there were humans around the pool area.

As Henry aged, swimming became more of a past time to be enjoyed on a hot day rather than competitive exercises  to be mastered and performed at various water test sites.  The young grandchildren grew up and don't come for visits by the pool that much anymore.  Henry learned to relax when it comes to humans being in the water and relegated that vigilant watch to the younger newfs in our household.

Henry was still my lifeguard.  Swimming can  be equated to experiencing life.  Henry's calm steadfastness was always my safeguard for the unexpected riptides that life throws one's way.  

I created a bib that honors the rich heritage of the Newfoundland and water.  I put this design in the Breed Specific grouping but secretly think all breeds could wear this one.  There are many lifeguards out their safeguarding their people against the trials that life can throw.

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